Yoko & Maru - 12/28/12 - Kanjani Sentai ∞Ranger
maruru scribbles
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If anyone is interested in taking over translating Maru and Yoko's nikkis please drop me a note. Have a happy new year everyone! :D

Maru - 12/5/12 - Kanjani Sentai ∞ Ranger
beach maru
How are all you doing?

This is Maruyama Ryuhei.
Thank you for reading this page every week.

Right now, I'm soaking like so and tap tapping on my waterproof cell phone.

It feels really great. That's right, I get to see all of you in Sendai this weekend.
I'm so happy to get to have happy weekends every week.

Let's the end of the year together with no regrets.

Well then, have a good weekend.


Let's try enjoying changes more.
Overcome things like stereotypes
Surprise yourself!

Yoko - 11/29/12 - Kanjani Sentai ∞Ranger
josh <3

Hi there, this is Yokoyama Yuu
Right now, i'm getting my vaccination shot for influenza sparkles
It didn't hurt at all sparkles
Why is it we always get so scared before getting the shot 
Is it cause we were traumatised when we were younger~ 


Yoko & Maru - 11/22/12 - Kanjani Sentai ∞Ranger
sexy in suits

Yoko & MaruCollapse )

Yoko - 11/11/12 - Kanjani Sentai ∞ Ranger
josh <3

Hi there, this is Yokoyama
Right now, we're heading to Niigatapeacenosign
As usual, I can't fall asleep when we're on the move
November has come and its turning cold
As expected, I dislike the cold sparkles
You're seeing this post before the Tokyo Dome concert sparkles
Our once a year at Tokyo Domepeacenosign
It'll be fun, right sparkles
As usual, thank you for everythingpeacenosign


Maru - 11/15/12 - Kanjani Sentai ∞ Ranger
maruru scribbles
Yeees, it's Thursday, huh?

How are all of you guys spending your days up until the weekend?

We've been doing stuff like receiving energy from all of you at Tokyo dome, taping programs in Kansai, cleaning our rooms, having an early celebration for a friend's holy birth, and having a fulfilling week up til now.

During all that, I've found myself having a hard time conversing with people I meet after spending the entire day holed up inside the day before.

Names of places and titles of works don't come out quickly.
Ah, I'm fine normally, you know!?

When that happens, inside I'm like "Oyo!"

Has that ever happened to you?
When it's been a while since you talked to someone, do you think "Huh? Am I always this shy...?"

It happens here and there lately.

Ah, not that it's a big deal or anything.
What one likes, one will do well.
Well said.
You yourself are the one to make such an environment.


What one likes, one will do well.
Well said.
You yourself are the one to make such an environment.

Maru - 11/11/12 - Kanjani Sentai ∞ Ranger
beach maru
It's raining today.

I had beef stew for lunch and then concert rehearsal.

A meeting to plan our date with all of you.

We'll get to see each other the day after tomorrow, huh?

This month, it's like I get to see all of you every week so I'm excited.
Everyone has gathered now.

All right, rehearsal is about to start.
I'm off to prepare for the fun.


What one likes, one will do well.
Well said.
You yourself are the one to make such an environment.

Yoko & Maru - 11/01/12 - Kanjani Sentai ∞ Ranger
josh <3

Hi there, this is Yokoyama sparkles
I've cut my hair sparkles
Does it suit me?
How is it?
Is it better dyed?
How is it?
Oh, i don't know anymore


*some kind of nagoya-ben, apparently it just means "how's is it/how's it going?"


How are you guys doing?
My hair has grown longer
With great speed, it has reached out

Is that alright?

Even if it grows long, and lack direction
Isn't it alright? There are pros and cons in short hair
There are also pros and cons in long hair
It's just like how there's four seasons in a year (laughs)
Alright then, anything goes

But, yuchin just told me its just right now
This is as far as it should go
Any longer and its NG

Well, anything goes
Shall I try a straight perm?
Ah but, its kinda scary~! In the past I couldn't deal with frizzy hair so I did a straight perm..

But now I'm not so bothered by all that anymore
As compared to the past, I think I suit short hair more now..
Does it mean i've grown up?
I want to start acting my age
Please continue to support me while I do so

I hope you have a wonderful weekend

It's easy to deny something,
it is more difficult to affirm to something.

Maru - 10/26/12 - Kanjani Sentai ∞ Ranger
beach maru
How's your weekend going?

As for me, I've been enjoying working while taking it it slow and easy again this week.

Lately, the days of being Tanishi for days on end seem almost unbelievable.
I get to see all of you the day after tomorrow, huh?

We haven't performed in an arena in a while so I'm really looking forward to it. I'm going to get all pumped up so I'll be counting on you.


I will not deny
Because the options that being positive brings forth are shorter routes

Yoko - 10/18/12 - Kanjani Sentai ∞ Ranger
greedy boy ftw

Hi there, this is Yokoyama Yuu sparkles
Starting from next week, the arena tours will begin sparkles
It'll be so fun sparkles

Once again, we can go to all kinds of places sparkles
Eat all kinds of food sparkles

And grow fat.
No no.

I won't eat,
No no.

I'll eat.

Ok i've decided, we're gonna be eating our fill.
It's ok even if we grow a little chubby, right sparkles
But everyone likes it when we're all skinny, right?

Thats what troubles me.



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